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Source: The Resurrection of the Dead, by Victor Louis Mottez (1809-1897)
Source: The Resurrection of the Dead, by Victor Louis Mottez (1809-1897)

The Last Trumpet Project was a finalist for the 2011 Prometheus Award for Best Novel!

This was an unusual honor for a privately published novel. See the website of The Libertarian Futurist Society(external link) for details about the Prometheus Award.

The printed version of the novel is available as a trade paperback(external link). You can also get it for Kindle(external link).

A published review of the novel can be found here.(external link).

The Trumpet Shall Sound!

  • The resurrection of the dead by technological means.
  • A global network of thousands of virtual alternate realities, populated by billions of humans and AIs.
  • A secret society of religious fanatics determined to turn back the calendar on human social evolution.
  • A brutal top cop bent on usurping dictatorial powers.
  • A cadre of high-tech vigilantes pledged to protect virtual freedom.
  • A powerful pacifist elite who plot the end of war.
  • A young man caught between the strictures of his upbringing and the love of his life.
  • A society which must confront the very nature of what it means to be human.

These are the elements which collide explosively in The Last Trumpet Project, a sweeping and provocative novel of the near future.

It is a time of breathtaking Singularity technology. A time when most human beings spend the majority of their lives in the alternate worlds of the cyberverse, the global mesh of full-immersion virtual realities. Traditional social and political structures are breaking down under the enormous weight of absolute creative freedom and terrestrial immortality. The invention of a device for resurrecting the dead is the catalyst which catapults the world into a struggle that will determine the shape of the future, the fate of government and religion, and even the nature of life itself.

Virtual adventure and meatspace drama. Intrigue and suspense. Romance and bullet ballet. High ideals and low cunning. War of weapons, war of values. A brilliantly imagined technological backdrop. Vivid, vibrant characters. And something to make you think on almost every page. Kevin MacArdry's The Last Trumpet Project delivers a powerful vision of a future looming just decades away.

Tired of science fiction that tells you nothing about what may be coming in your lifetime?

Weary of a genre that no longer seems even to believe in science?

Interested in a book that demands something of its readers? Want something that challenges your world view?

This book will.

For more information about the novel, including excerpts and a foreword by the author, click here.

Here is a recent interview with the author(external link).

Here is an older interview with the author(external link). (See p. 24.)

A New Paradigm in Publishing

Our publishing methodology is as ground-breaking as the book itself!

We not only offer a downloadable e-book, you can also read it here on this website or on CD-ROM. More than just the novel itself, through this website we offer online reader discussion forums and chat, chapter-by-chapter commentary by the author, and other bonus material.

The book is also available in traditional printed form, and as a download for Kindle, iPad and Mobipocket. The printed version is available for purchase here(external link). You can find the e-books at Amazon(external link) or in the Apple store.

The readers of any book form a web tribe by definition. Join your fellow readers in discussing the book and its issues, even with the author!

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