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Kevin MacArdry

interview published in trade magazine

Digital Gold Currency Magazine publishes interview

Sometimes an author's work gets publicized through unexpected avenues.

This is certainly the case with this interview. Mr. Mark Herpel of DGCMagazine.com contacted me a while ago and requested a short interview, conducted via email. Mr. Herpel's magazine is dedicated to covering events and developments in the digital gold and online payments industry. I found it a fascinating read, and not just for my small part of it!

This interest came about because I talk about gold-based digital payment systems of the future in my book (i.e. Aurumnet). I am of course aware of such systems that exist today: e-gold, GoldMoney, Pecunix, and so on. As a matter of fact, this website cheerfully accepts them as payment for the book! But it turns out that the interest is mutual. Mr. Herpel wanted to publish an interview with me because it's unusual to find DGCs featured in a science fiction novel.

Well, I do think that present day fiat currency and central banking "credit" systems are ultimately doomed and will end up getting replaced by some kind of commodity digital currency, similar to Aurumnet. I also think that such systems, especially while in their infancy, are very likely to be subjected to ruthless suppression by the authorities, who (rightly) fear competition they cannot hope to cope with otherwise.

Unfortunately, the September issue of DGC Magazine also details the latest government attack against one such firm, e-bullion.com, which operated out of the United States. I can't claim to know everything that's going on with this case (even after reading Mr. Herpel's excellent article on it), and one must certainly make allowances for sensationalism, but I can't help but feel that operating a business such as this in the US was probably a foolish choice to begin with. It is after all the very center of monetary monopoly. Even more unfortunately, one of the e-bullion founders, Ms. Pamela Fayed, was recently knifed to death in a parking garage.

The interview is available here(external link), on pp. 24, 26-7. Though IMHO the entire issue is worth reading!

I'd like to thank Mr. Herpel for the opportunity to speak to his readers, who like many of us are focused on the future.


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