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Kevin MacArdry

new version of the book

Announcing Version 1.2!

It's been almost two years since the first draft of The Last Trumpet Project was completed. Recently, I've had the occasion to make some revisions to the book. One of the benefits of an online publication is that this is simply a matter of editing by the author; nothing needs to be reprinted. The most significant change is the addition of a new Prologue, while the former prologue has now become Chapter 1. A large number of clarifications, typographical and word choice edits have also been incorporated.

I'd like to thank my early readers for constructive feedback, and editorial suggestions, especially my friend Jim Davidson. True constructive criticism definitely helps improve almost any work of literature or art.

I have also decided to allow future readers the opportunity to register a login on this website for free, and then download the book in PDF, or read it on the site. (Though they can still purchase it later if they choose, and I hope they will if they enjoyed it.) The book continues to be available in Mobipocket format on eBookbase.com and Amazon.

The next step for me will be to arrange a printed meatspace edition of the work, which can then be ordered from various print-on-demand publishers. It is apparent that most Moshes still prefer their physical paper books. eek

Thanks for stopping by!


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