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Kevin MacArdry

announcing the trade paperback edition!

I'm please to be able to announce that my book is now available in a printed softcover edition! Not everybody wants to read books at their computers, and so I'm happy to have a traditional book to offer as well.

This edition was prepared through lulu.com(external link), whose services I would gladly commend to anyone wishing to prepare a print-on-demand version of an e-book. This is the new paradigm, folks. No more submitting to publishers who try to guess the number of copies to print in advance. Now books can be printed on demand as orders are placed for them by readers, and they still ship in 3-5 days.

The link for the book is here:

LTP Printed Edition(external link)

I'm told that in another month or so, it will show up on Amazon and order lists for retail bookstores. Presently, only the Kindle download version is available on Amazon.

Exciting times we live in, to be sure!


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